Children vs. Adults: Who can make the best Mother’s Day newspaper?

It’s Mother’s Day! You wake up to the clanging of pots and pans in the kitchen and the clomping of footsteps on the stairs. In walk your children who surprise you with breakfast in bed and homemade gifts made out of paper mache. Later that day you all go round to Granny’s for tea. As you walk through the door, you give her a big kiss and present her with a bouquet of her favourite flowers.

That’s right: Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity show your mom how much you care. And whether it’s with paper mache or with a bouquet of flowers, young and old show their love and appreciation for Mom by surprising her with a small gift. And you can do just that with your own Mother’s Day newspaper!

Why a newspaper is the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Not sure what get your mom for Mother’s Day? Finding the perfect gift can be tricky. How do you make sure your gift is original enough? Unique enough? Creative enough? The most important piece of advice we can give is this: make it as personal as you can! It may sound cliché but the old aphorism still holds true: it’s not the monetary value of your gift that counts; it’s the thought! Your mom will love a meaningful, homemade gift! And what’s more personal than a personalized newspaper?

Children vs. Adults: Who makes the best Mother’s Day newspaper?

A personalized newspaper is a unique and original gift for Mom! Both young and old are capable creating a fun and unique Mother’s Day newspaper! But does it better? Evelyn (36) and Sara (8) put it to the test! In celebration of Mother’s Day, both daughters decided to surprise their mothers with their own Mother’s Day newspaper. As to who wins the generational battle, we’ll leave that up to you!

Evelyn’s (36) Mother’s Day newspaper

Evelyn decided to make a newspaper for her mother in which family and personal milestones take centre stage:

  • Timeline: Evelyn created a timeline highlighting the key milestones of her mother’s life: birth, first day at school, first boyfriend, first school dance, wedding, birth of her children, birth of her grandchildren, etc. It was Evelyn’s personal homage to Mom! And the vintage childhood photographs were the cherry on top!
  • Photocollage of the family: A mother’s greatest pride and joy is undoubtedly her family! That’s why Evelyn decided to make a photocollage of the entire family. She made an extensive selection of photographs capturing her favourite family moments and added them to her newspaper in a fun and creative way. She then placed the finishing touches to her collage by playfully adding various captions, speech bubbles, descriptions and fun facts! The end result was a fun and imaginative family montage!
  • Poem for Mother’s Day: Given her mother’s love for literature, Evelyn decided to add a poem written by her mom’s favourite author and poet. Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath is an ode to the strength of women and their ability to persevere despite all odds. The perfect pick for Mother’s Day!
Make your own Mother's Day newspaper - Happiedays
Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity show your mom how much you care!
Make your own Mother's Day newspaper - Happiedays
Young and old show their love and appreciation for Mom

Sara’s (8) Mother’s Day newspaper

Sara decided to use the tips and tricks she learned at school to make the perfect Mother’s Day newspaper:

  • Self-written poems and short stories: There are heaps of fun worksheets to be found online that help children write their own poem or short story. With the help of Mother’s Day-inspired worksheet, Sara wrote a lovely poem about her mom by simply completing each verse with a rhyming word (Mum is as beautiful as… She is as funny as… She is as sweet as…). She also wrote a short story by filling the gaps with all kinds of fun facts about her mum (name, age, favourite color, favourite dish, hobbies, the reasons your love her, and much more).
  • Coupons for Mother’s Day: Sara decided it was her turn to spoil Mom for a change. That’s why she made several special Mother’s Day coupons for Mom to cash in! 1 breakfast in bed, 1 sous-chef, 1 free car wash and 3 big kisses… Sara’s Mother’s Day newspaper was the gift that kept on giving!
  • Authentic artwork: Mom always displays Sara’s drawings on the refrigerator door. So in honour of Mother’s Day, Sara decided to add lots of drawings to her newspaper. She asked Dan to scan in several drawings in order to upload them to her newspaper as a pdf file. And as a real treat, Sara drew a large, empty frame on the front page of her newspaper which she would only color in after the paper was delivered to her at home. That way Mom would have a unique and authentic drawing right on the front page of her Mother’s Day newspaper.

Also looking to use worksheets in your Mother’s Day newspaper? Head over to our Pinterest page for lots of fun examples.

Make your own Mother's Day newspaper - Happiedays
Make your gift it as personal as you can
Make your own Mother's Day newspaper - Happiedays
Your mom will love a meaningful, homemade gift!

Both Evelyn and Sara’s Mother’s Day newspapers were a big hit! It only goes to show that both young and old are capable of creating a fun and original Mother’s Day newspaper – each in their own unique way! There’s no doubt that theirs is a gift their moms will cherish for a very long time!

Make your own Mother’s Day newspaper with Happiedays

Have Evelyn and Sara’s Mother’s Day newspapers inspired you? Thinking of making your own? Then head over to our website and get started immediately! You don’t need to be an artistic wunderkind to make your own newspaper with Happiedays: with our easy-to-use online application, both young and old can uncover their inner van Gogh and let their creative talents flourish. Start the creative process with one of the many templates we’ve prepared for you, or start with a blank template if you want to start from scratch. Have fun creating your own newspaper!