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Happiedays is only available for desktop and laptop computers. Want to make a newspaper with your smartphone? Download the Lettr app and get started right away!


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How to make a newspaper:


  • Prepare your content.
    Decide which images, texts, quotes you want to add to your newspaper. 
  • Draw a rough sketch of your layout.
    Grab some paper scrap paper and make a rough draft of your newspaper. This will make the design process much easier. 
  • Choose a fun newspaper template.
    Kick-start the design process with one of our many newspaper templates. Or give yourself carte blanche with a blank template.
Making a newspaper is super easy! Just take a look!


"After our wedding, we decided to make our own newspaper to thank our guests. It was a big hit and we were thrilled with the end result. What a lovely token to commemorate the happiest day of our lives!"


Head over to our blog to read all about Kevin and Emily’s wedding newspaper

make a newspaper with our newspaper templates - Happiedays

Over 8000 visitors have beaten you to it... 

Have a peek at some great examples of newspapers we’ve printed. Will we be adding yours to the list soon?


In keeping with tradition, we announced our yearly camp with our very own newspaper! This year's theme? Back in time! The kids loved the papers and the camp was a smash hit!

KLJ Sint-Gillis-Waas

create a newspaper for a wedding - Happiedays


A few months ago, we made a wedding newspaper detailing our journey together as a couple. How time flies! Thank you Happiedays for bringing such a fun idea to the market! The newspapers were a big hit at our reception!

E. Serruys


My husband and I tied the knot last September! Yay! We decided to have a destination wedding and were looking for a fun way to welcome our guests. So we placed a copy of our wedding newspaper in each room. The end result was fantastic! And we received a lot of positive reactions from our guests!

A. Vermeulen

create a newspaper for your blog - Happiedays


Thanks to Happiedays, I was able to make a newspaper as a special paper edition of my blog. Pretty cool, right? I love leafing through “my” newspaper! I also handed out a few giveaway copies to my readers to thank them for their continued support!


create a newspaper for an anniversary - Happiedays


I decided to make a newspaper to commemorate my neighbors’ golden wedding anniversary. Using one of their newspaper templates, I had a lot of fun adding my own images and content. And the end product was of such great quality! I would definitely recommend Happiedays to others!

R. Spitaels

Make a newspaper for every occasion

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